Backed by a robust claims management platform and highly skilled professionals, we efficiently handle the claim processing cycle right from receiving claims to remitting payment. Our highly automated process ensures speedy turnaround time and effective cost management.


Our experienced production team assists stakeholders in their policy administration tasks such as incorporation of policy terms and benefits, member data management and generation of member ID cards.

Our turnaround time for card delivery is among the best in the industry. Our cards can be fully customized In accordance with our clients specifications and preferences. We can also facilitate premium registers and reports based on the latest production data, if required by insurers.

Insurers have the option of providing their stakeholders with access to our online enrolment portal, which enables the respective parties to manage their additions and deletions.


Pre-authorisations are highly automated, backed by an advanced rule engine that enables accurate decision making for cost optimization and, prompt responses minimize patient waiting time. We are staffed with highly skilled and trained medical professionals to assist policy holders, with authorization and queries in accordance with the benefits as defined by the insurance policy. We are also fully compliant with the e-authorisation process defined by the authorities.


We offer a wide network of providers that includes over 25000 prominent hospitals, clinics, diagnostic centers and pharmacists across the globe, which includes 1800+ providers in the UAE.

By leveraging the business of participating insurers, we are in a position to negotiate better rates and discounts with the providers.

Our online provider login platform enables providers to seamlessly check member eligibility and administer the approval process with minimum human intervention.

Our technology also allows members cashless access to our network using their Emirates ID.

Our wide range of network options caters to both the LSB and premium segments.

Any provider who has entered into an agreement with us to provide cashless/direct billing facility for our card-holders is called a Network Provider. You can search or call our Customer Service Centre to check whether a specific provider is in our Network.


Our Contact Center is equipped with an IVR system (Interactive Voice Response) and intelligent skill-based routing, which assists callers with easy navigation.

We are staffed with highly skilled and trained multilingual professionals to assist policy holders with their queries regarding the policy benefits, providing information on the provider networks, location and specialty and arranging second medical opinions.

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